Our mission at Auden Living is to provide secure, welcoming and engaging living communities designed to foster a sense of belonging and contribute to the personal and academic growth of each residential student.


Auden Living will provide a positive residential environment where students can be actively supported in both their learning experience and community. Our activities will be directed at enhancing students’ capacity for intellectual, social and interpersonal growth. Auden Living will offer residents a place to grow, lead and inspire.


Core Values

● Create Communities that cultivate both academic and personal growth

● Offer Safe, Clean and Healthy Living Environments

● Provide exceptional services to students, customers and staff

● Celebrate and encourage diversity in our activities and facilities

Auden Living is a collection of apartment communities that provide students with safe and supportive off campus residences. Our main goal is to engage students in exceptional living while cultivating personal, social and academic growth. We do this by designing and constructing our communities with students in mind. Our leasing structure, amenities and residential activities are directed to meet the needs of a student population.


Brand Pillars

● Community

● Development

● Excellence

● Advancement